Andreea Magdalina (RO)

Speaker (Shesaid.so)

Andreea Magdalina is a connector. Born in Romania and currently based in Los Angeles, her work is rooted at the intersection of music and technology with companies such as Microsoft and Mixcloud as well as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion through her role as the founder & CEO of shesaid.so. Andreea has extensive experience in music and brand partnerships, business development, brand strategy, community design, and marketing. At shesaid.so, Andreea developed a global community of over 15,000 women, gender minorities and allies in music, spearheading numerous events, mentoring programs, strategic brand partnerships and other initiatives across 20 local chapters. In addition to her work at shesaid.so, Andreea has spent the past four years developing digital-first experiences, technology products and strategic partnerships for global brands. Clients she has previously collaborated with include Google, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Sonos, Diageo, Absolut, Kitsune, Shondaland and British Council to name a few. Currently, she also leads Community at Coachella as part of their new Innovation team.

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