Andert Tysma (NL)


Andert Tysma is a Dutch artist and composer based between Berlin and Amsterdam. He released his debut album ‘Children of Trinoom’ on UK ambient label Apollo/R&S (i.a. Aphex Twin, James Blake). With a background in jazz and modern production Tysma is constantly pushing the boundaries of his art, combining classical arrangements with modern technology to create unique soundscapes that are both grounded in the past and forward-thinking. The seasoned musician toured the world performing as a bass and piano player with several artists like Thomas Azier and BEA1991 and played his first solo show this year at Best Kept Secret Festival (NL). Andert Tysma is currently working on his second album, partially recorded at Nils Frahm’s studio in the Funkhaus, Berlin. His second album is planned to be released in early spring 2024.

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