The Live Industry's Battlefields at ADE Pro

Wednesday, 19 June 2019
During the ADE Live focus stream, a part of ADE Pro, we will dig into billings and radius deals, which many venues, promoters, agents and artists will recognize as the sources of untold trouble.

Following up on recent festival announcements about Armin van Buuren and Tiësto set to play AMF and SOHN & Metropole Orkest to perform ADE opening concert we shift focus to the ADE conference, where we will discuss two main topics that many music professionals can relate to. The live events industry for dance music is thriving, but brutally competitive, and sometimes things that might seem inconsequential to outsiders can have far-reaching effects on businesses and careers.

Billings are the New Frontline

Who would have thought matters of typeface and layout could be such a battleground? But there's a war going on, and there's ink being spilled everywhere. The look of publicity materials and the size and placement of artist names for large scale live events cause untold strife, with promoters, agents and artists all weighing in, and some serious ego issues in play.

Many dance acts treat their logos with all the seriousness of metal bands. But how much does it really matter? Should everyone just forget it and go alphabetical? Should logos be banned? How many headliners can you really credibly present anyway? This panel discussion hopes to get to the bottom of one of the most fraught issues of the event world.

Radius Deals: Restriction of Trade or Legitimate Tool?
Coming soon to a city near you? Maybe not! Radius deals – where artists are contracted not to play in the vicinity of a club or festival either side of a big show – are proving to be hugely controversial. Clubs are fighting to keep their audiences and their place in the market, while festivals are more concerned with beating their competitors, and it often seems like they don’t care if clubs and emerging artists get caught in the crossfire.

Is this a sustainable model or a cartel? Does it reflect a club world too reliant on a few big names? Is this anti-competitive – even illegal – or a legitimate aspect of the competitive business? Whichever side of the fence you're on, this is a red hot issue, and this panel should open up a lot of vital questions for the industry.

Date & Time
Both topics take place on Wednesday, October 16th at DeLaMar Theater as part of ADE Pro.
Times for these sessions to be announced.

About ADE Pro

ADE Pro is the global business platform for electronic music. Founded in 1995, its the annual gathering of the electronic music industry. The three-day conference runs from Wednesday, October 16th through till Friday, October 18th at DeLaMar Theater and features dedicated programming for music professionals.