Zohki & Roozlee (DE)

Zohki and Roozlee raised as sons of an Afghan ambassador and a Persian musician, both were used to a life on the road early on. They met in Essen, Germany in the late 1990ies: Both were DJing with the big names of the international Hiphop scene. Zohki was also organizing events; Rooz was producing beats for german rappers. One day in one of the clubs they used to play, a befriended house DJ became sick and so he asked the guys to help out. Zohki and Roozlee stood in and got hooked. They had a lot of fun with the music and the people and decided to play more and more electronic music. The new music fit their energy and cheerfulness tot he T. It was time to raise up some beats per minute on the set. Finaly they decided to end their numerous side-projects and keep focus on this one thing. Soon they met the heroes of the international electronic music scene, among them Matthias Tanzmann. After a legendary night of clubbing in Essen City, Tanzmann not only remeberred the crazy boys’ entertainmening skills: their motivation and ambition were right out impressing. Being the founder of famous record label Moon Harbour, he took some of their productions on his next trip. He started to play their tracks in his sets worldwide. And they worked! Not only does house music suit their energylevel, they bring in both, focus and soul, learned in years as urban music acts. Zohki and Roozlee know how to chop up vocal samples and put funk even in bone-dry kicks and snares. In their own sets Zohki and Roozlee’s biggest quality might be their dynamic pick of tunes. „Even though we play different clubs every night, it would just bore ourselves to always stick to the same mix“, Roozlee explains. Zohki adds: „We played a lot of different musical styles during the years and it’s great when transitions are still challenging.“ Now Zohki and Roozlee release their first EP on Moon Harbour, "One Way Out". With the psychedelic „Dreams“ they deliver soulful deep house, "Work It" and "Love Baby", a collaboration with A.V.D., show their drive and creativity with well chosen vocal samples. The track „My Swag“ rounds up the package with a slight hiphop flavour and shows the entertainment Zokhi and Roozlee are meant to deliver. For Zohki and Roozlee there is only “One way out” through the big speakers straight to the dancefloor. New remixes and tracks are about to come in the near future- watch out.
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