Vincenzo Volpe (IT)

Born in Salerno, he approached the radio broadcast world in 1999, producing and mixing dance and house music radio programs for Radio Diffusione Irno. Then he begins to play music on several clubs and private parties in the Campania region. After the high school, he took a degree at the Academy of Sound engineer in Rome, and a Master's Degree (2nd level) in soundtracks held by the Masters Ennio Morricone, and Vince Tempera at the University "LUISS Guido Carli", Rome; his achievement was 108/110. He studies theory and practical recording, sound design, mix and mastering by himself taking some base and advanced individual tuitions at the Alar’s Recording Studio of Simonazzi Federico, in Parma, Italy. He was involved as engineer in important events for Broadcast Television Networks such as Sky, Mediaset and RAI, even collaborating with directors like Venditti, Ormas, and Gino Landi at Sanremo in 2009. As he came back to Salerno, he became Technical Manager at the University of Salerno, and he built his home recording studio. Already owner of a recording studio since 2007, in 2015 he founded with Gigi Squillante, Giovanni De Feo and Michele Stanco the Society Music Studio, which later became the Society Music Recordings, one of the most demanding international labels and special in the world of techno and deep music. Currently, besides being a DJ and producer for SMR, it is the egineer sound of the label. Along with SMR, it was the official DJ of the Giffoni Film Festival 2016, the world's most important wind on cinema for young people. The experience gained in the field of engineer mixed with orchestral influences makes him a very open minded producer, not limited to a predefined musical genre, although he prefers deep house music. His only goal is to entertain the dancefloor whithout forgetting – when the venue is able to understand - a sometimes hypnotic and sharp sound. Well as SMR, his productions were produced by major label like Sonnet Speciale, Subwoofer Records and J Records.
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