Viel (IT)


VIEL (IT), an acclaimed Italian DJ and producer, was born and raised near Milan. From a young age, he was fascinated by musical vibrations, nurturing an insatiable passion for exploring new sounds. From his earliest steps in the industry, he carved his path independently in the vast and intricate world of nightlife, gracing national and international stages. He charmed audiences at clubs and globally renowned events like the Dubai Fashion Week (UAE), Milan Fashion Week (MI), Tunnel Club (MI), and Alcatraz (MI), sharing the stage with esteemed international artists including Dom Dolla, Bondax, Sonny Fodera, Klangkarussell, and Benny Benassi. Driven by a deep passion for music, VIEL went beyond being just a selector, venturing into production. In 2015, he was spellbound by a video illustrating the music creation process on a personal computer, and from that point on, he never looked back. Among the various genres he's explored, Afro House and Organic House have consistently stirred his most authentic emotions.

His debut EP was released in 2020 by MY OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON, an Afro House music label based in Mozambique. Within this EP lies the remix by the talented
Enoo Napa. To date, the EP has garnered over 500,000 streams, attesting to his growing influence. Over the past years, VIEL has released a series of successful remixes, showcasing his unwavering ability for innovation and reinvention. His most recent endeavor dates back to June 2023, as he signed "Falling" with the prestigious label Deep Root Tribe, under the guidance of Francis Mercier, further solidifying his position in the music arena. VIEL's music embarks on an untamed journey through evocative sounds, a fusion of deep passions and boundless creativity. His dedication to music and impact on the industry are evidently manifested in his consistent growth and the enthusiasm he conveys with every performance and production.

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