Toni Rios (DE)

The artist Tony Rios embodies electronic music like no other in his genre, he has long since become an icon of the music industry, way beyond the borders of the very exclusive electronic music scene. The fascination with his sound as well as the downright cult of him as a person is not astonishing to anyone, because Toni Rios himself has been representing his music, his style and himself in the competitive music industry professionally for a quarter of a century. For 25 years, Toni Rios has gathered experiences in different clubs worldwide and he has released countless tracks and remixes. His authentic character, his personality and his integrity have always been part of his trademark which has always ranked high in popularity because he practices authentically what he preaches from the DJ-pulpit. Tony Rios’ consistently successful bookings at events – most of them even in distant countries, where he performs for dedicated fans – and his upcoming “25 Years Toni Rios” album tour, which is the perfect setting for the release of his album, are further musical milestones in his never ending appeal to the club scene. The Album The sound of the album „Twentyfive“ is both modern and groovy while still being typical Toni Rios. The deep influence of sound and nightlife, combined with a long lasting experience in the music industry created his work. Every track is like an encounter with new and old friends, a journey by itself, a journal with stories, written by a musical wanderer in a universe of electronic music. Also on board as remixers are Brett Johnson, Someone Else, Betoko, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Marc Scholl and many others. The new album “Twentyfive” captures both old and new influences and in a way it reflects the last 25 years of Toni Rios, a modern, groovy sound, which cannot quite be located between house or techno.
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