Tom Palace (DE)

Under the label IDEA MUSIC, this collaboration led to numerous productions, such as Down LOW, Girl Talk, K-Clan, Funky Dimonds. In 1995, the success project Cabballero was launched, with 1 hits in Spain, Italy, Asia, Canada and many more. Cabballero turned out to be one of the most successful Dance Acts in the 1990s. This was followed by performances all over Europe, Asia, South America as well as remixes and cooperations with national and international artists. In 2000, Tom Palace split from his partner Jama Johnson, who returned to the USA to start a new project there. Tom Palace moved to event management and event concepts and began as a disc jockey on the side. Due to his sense for music and his facilitation experience also in front of large audiences, he quickly built a reputation beyond events he had organized himself in clubs and discos. Owing to their unconventional way, the company dalparis-europe was able to bring events to the attention of both national and international media. Bookings in Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, Austria, the United States, and Thailand widely expanded his musical horizon. In 2002, Tom Palace again moved to a different genre and took over a number of discos in Germany. He managed these until 2006, during which time he met and became good friends with the electro and sound artist Alex Garden, who fascinated Tom by his love for music and crazy ideas. His talent to combine sounds and different musical styles enthused Tom to the extent that he dropped the idea to move to the USA and stay with his mentor Jama Jackson, and instead founded the project TheGlobalPlayboyz and Palace and Garden with Alex Garden to return to his roots and his love for music.
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