Jesse and Bastiaan met during high school at age 15. They discovered that they both shared a passion for music and creating it. The love for different styles helped them find their own. J&B: "If we must describe our style we would call it funky tech house with a latin twist." Jesse Vrede was born on the 17th of may in 1990. Jesse has always been interested in music, especially since his parents both were dj’s in their younger years. At age 15 Jesse and Bastiaan started making their own productions. Starting with making latin influenced music because of Jesse’s Surinam roots and combining this with Bastiaan’s love for house music they created their own style. Bastiaan Buesink was born on the 12th of july in 1989. At the age of 13 his parents bought “Magix Music Maker” and this is when he started making songs with loops. During this period he learned playing the drums and started experimenting with dj-ing and producing. After finishing highschool he went to the SAE in Amsterdam where he finished the Music Production Course. His passion for producing and mixing has only grown bigger since then!
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