Son of 8 (GB)

// Introducing Son of 8 A fresh British frequency, tailored for the crossover electronic scene... One cold morning along the Eastern banks of the River Mersey, a musical partnership was conceptualised and born. Two life-long friends – both with their own personal tastes and musical experience – formed to create Son of 8, a new electronic project that's shrouded in mystery, hailing the arrival of an exciting new sound from the deluge of British electronic dance music producers found today. Rooted in the post-industrial city of Liverpool, the two elusive friends combined their artistic endeavours and love for music to produce a razor sharp, contemporary sound. The resulting music tips a hat to the classic sounds of Chicago, whilst reinvigorating it with elements of pop, electro, uplifting EDM breakdowns and bottom-heavy, deep house drive. After dominating the biggest clubbing brands in the world, the duo is ready to unleash a new sound, forging a new path to the hearts and minds of the dance music community, through a seamless mesh of organically produced sounds and dancefloor ready timbres. Representative of the digital age and electronic music's tendencies for cross pollination, the two producers behind the project are the gatekeepers of a fresh and unique sound; upfront and no-nonsense, they let the music speak volumes, designed to grab and hold your attention with its arresting and intricate blend of house and world music rhythms. Son of 8 pull in influences from across the dance music spectrum, fused together by lush piano keys and delicate, luscious strings. Chopping up break-beats, creating intense breakdowns and uplifting the listener with the funky swing of early house music; it's all potently combined into a sound that wouldn’t be out of place at both the super-clubs of Ibiza and the touring festivals of the US. Son of 8's unique sound is electrifying, overwhelming and widescreen in equal measure, dripping with pop-hook laden qualities that allow accessibility and gratification for all fans of music. Their combined experience – along with a seasoned history of playing to crowds the world over – has seen them conquer the decks and dancefloors of some of the biggest clubs in the world over 20 years, lighting up and entertaining the crowds everywhere from Ibiza to London, Munich to Sao Paulo and more. The good and great of dance music – including Deep Dish, Sander Kleinenberg, Steve Lawler and Sasha - have all beared-witness to the shadowy collective's music over the past 2 decades. The future is most certainly looking bright for this unknown collective; they're ready to unleash their fresh, amalgamative sound on the music community at large. Relying on the strength of the music and the quality of their productions, Son of 8 have remained nameless in order to let their exquisite productions speak for themselves... so where to next? Keep your eyes and ears open for more in the coming months. The term 'merseybeat' is about to take on a whole new meaning.
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