Shy One (GB)


Born and raised in London, Shy One (born Mali Larrington-Nelson) has always been influenced by the broad spectrum of sounds her city encapsulates, from grime to classic house and R&B. Her ability to carefully incorporate different styles into her DJ sets and music productions has led her to become one of the most eclectic voices in the UK electronic scene.

The process of sound exploration that brings to life Shy One’s electrifying DJ sets also influences her music output. A passion for hardware, combined with constant research of the perfect atmospheres through sampling and processing, is an integral part of her artistry, defined by persistent sonic exploration and an inextinguishable interest in blending different sounds.

It's not a stretch to say that Shy One's music during each show acts as a form of music therapy for those who witness her performances – a shot of energy for the listener with the power of a fluid genre that knows no boundaries.

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