Sara Al Hamad (GB)

As Business Affairs Manager for AIM, the trade organisation representing the UK’s independent music sector, Sara is focused on developing existing partnerships and building new ones, with strong focus on dance community. Sara works extensively on gender parity challenges on the creative, as well as business side of things, working closely with a number of record labels in UK. Outside of AIM, Sara is also actively involved with EQ50, a charitable group focused on empowering women in Drum and Bass, through events, workshops and panels around their areas of interest. Before joining AIM, Sara worked as Head of Legal Affairs for IDM Music Publishing Ltd. She corralled their business activities across 8 countries in South East and Central Europe, and worked extensively in sync licensing for US-based Bixio Music Group Ltd, on projects including award-winning movie 'Call Me By Your Name' and Netflix series, 'Master of None'.
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