Reinout van Gendt (NL)

Speaker (Q-Bah)
Q-Bah (real name: Reinout van Gendt) is MC at parties, concerts and festivals such as the Rotterdam Summer Carnival, Latin Village, Pal Mundo and the Antilliaanse Feesten. As an artist he can be found on CDs and singles from Dutch acts such as The Partysquad, Ziggi Recado, Carlos Barbosa, Dyna, Ali B and Darryl. He also regularly performs in South America. In countries as Mexico and Colombia, he is particularly known for his Latin Low Remix (with Flo Rida & T-Pain) and tracks with Los BK-Clan (Dominican Republic / Curaçao), J. Balvin (Colombia) and Maxima Alerta (Cuba) ). In the Netherlands, Q-Bah is also known as a radio DJ and voice of FunX Radio. He made shows for the channel with stars like Hardwell, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Daddy Yankee.
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