From mind shifting ambient to tricked out rhythmic, now Vancouver-based Montréaler Phoebe Guillemot wraps intimidating tech inventiveness in psychedelic warmth as Ramzi. A meditative mover of far out pop and dubby free jazz sounds, the enigmatic producer released her first album, Dezombi, on Montréal label Los Discos Enfantasmes (Le Fruit Vert, Les Momies de Palerme, k.a.n.t.n.a.g.a.n.o.) along with the 12” Etwal Timoun (featuring “Monsters Makeup” with sharply warbling synth from Bataille Solaire) in 2013. Her 2014 self released album Bébites, on her imprint Pygmy Animals, entrances with its galactic grooves, pitch bent vocals, a cacophony of animal noises and dancehall skewed rhythms.
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