Mobilegirl (DE)

With just three years of swishing through the Berlin electronic music scene mobilegirl can easily be counted to one of its most promising young artists. While her latest productions developed into a calmer more atmospheric direction as she has been focusing on various scoring work, her DJ sets remain energetic and dance-centered. She is known for her sets that manage to create an arc and cohesion between an eclectic selection with tracks ranging from R&B to Hardstyle - working out combinations that seem unfit until you hear them. She’s well looked after as a signee to NYC based agency and collective Discwoman and released her debut EP on Stockholm’s Staycore in 2017. Over the course of the years she’s completed several tours across the globe, has taken four Boiler Room sets under her belt as well as shows in Berlin’s renowned Berghain and Tresor and Shanghai’s Shelter.
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