Mirella Kroes (NL)

Combining her unmatched radiance behind the decks with a superb taste for the warmer side of house and techno, Mirella is rapidly gaining support with a growing audience. Talent, determination and discipline are the keys to success, but a bit of luck surely helps. Mirella’s first ever gig at Doornroosje – undoubtedly Holland’s most amazing dance music venue – im- mediately struck a nerve with her and the crowd. When one of the most dedicated crowds in the Netherlands is going mental to your every record, what else can you do but decide deejaying is your destiny? Mirella still gets overwhelmed every week by the synergy of dj and dancefloor. “Music makes you live the moment, switch off thoughts and truly feel the here and now. Shar- ing that emotion with a dancefloor can create an energy that’s larger than yourself.” Over the last years, Mirella has continued to collect music, perfect her dj-skills and study hard on her music production. Her endeavors have brought her behind the decks of respected clubs and festivals all over the country. She enjoys the intimacy of smaller venues like the legendary Studio 80, which has become her home base. But she’s also knows to rock larger crowds, like the one at Welcome to the Future festival this year. The successful festival season only strengthened Mirella’s determination to push things to the next level. Operating on the cutting edge of house and techno, she is set to conquer the world one smashing dj-set at a time.
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