Michael Melchner (DE)

The Palm Trees Whistle In The Pink Meteor Shower. An Entanglement Of Nature's Mystical Tones Settle. Sonics Trigger Movement In The Oceans Crust While Giants Filter The Earth's Waters, Thrusting The Waters With Their Gnarly Space Knobs. The Damsel In Distress Is A Hadronic Mechanical Design Like No Other, Moulded, Tested And Shaped By The Entheogen Melanges Of The Omegian Race. Many A Cosmic Knight Whipped There Sword Out To Retrieve , But In Rightful And Aware Conquest The Dilation And Deja Vu Of Multidimensional Experiences Returned The Opal Tone To The Omega Men. The Midi Rain Will Dance , And The Grooving Aqua Orbs Of Life Will Continue On
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