Martijn Van De Walle ()

As visitor from almost the first hour Martijn, breathes Ieperfest, an underground (not your typical) Hardcore festival in Ieper in the South-West of Belgium that is runned & organised by volunteers because they believe in the strength of the DIY-movement. So does Martijn, who is in charge of the green policy & the catering of the festival. Ieperfest won several OVAM Groenevent Awards (2010, 2011 & 2015), the “Groene pluim 2015” by the city of Ieper & was nominated for The European Festival Green Operation Award 2015.” That mainly because the catering, front- & backstage, is 100% vegan (plant-based), a choice purposefully made from the first edition in 1992 and now one of, if not thé, strongholder of their green policy as this is the most sustainable what you can do as an organization and person. Veganizing the world, it can be done … Ieperfest shows you the way with pleasure & good food !!
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