Lisette Nijpels (NL)

Speaker (Dadadam)

In 2006, Lisette took her first step into the music industry as an intern for G-REX Music, the record label of Gregor Salto. With a passion for music and an innate talent for connecting artists with opportunities, she quickly made a name for herself in the industry. After earing her BBA degree, she worked at the renowned agency POW!Deejays as a global agent for 4 years, showcasing her dedication to nurturing artists' careers. In 2011, she co-founded Radiate Artists, which grew into a trusted name in the music scene, representing artists like The Martinez Brothers, Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler, and Kyle Hall. As time went on, Lisette decided to continue her career as an independent artist booker and manager. She’s currently working for a.o. Gregor Salto, Yes-R, Nicola Fasano, Alex Guesta and Glenn Helder. In 2017, Lisette took on the role of Record Label Manager/A&R at Dadadam and its in-house music publishing company, Belmondo Publishing. She oversees various record labels, including Salto Sounds, G-REX Music, Dadadam Records, and ATIQ, as well as catalogs from other labels. This shift marked a crucial step in her career, where she shaped label identities, managed artist signings, helping artists protect their rights and maximize earnings.

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