Liam Armstrong (GB)

Liam Armstrong met fellow Co-Founder Oliver Carloni while DJ’ing the Newcastle circuit, with the pair both playing regularly at Digital nightclub (#31st ‘Best Club in the World’ – DJ Mag, 2016). When the label started Liam was hands-on with the Throne Room concept, with his focus on building the ‘brand’ element, something the label feels is still one of its biggest strengths. Now, Liam takes more of a backseat role in terms of the day-to-day running of the label, instead concentrating primarily on the labels long-term vision and seeking out new ways for the label to innovate and keep themselves relevant in a saturated market. Beyond Throne Room Records, Liam is currently studying towards a degree in Marketing at Lancaster University (#9th UK), with the aim of bringing many of his studies into the label, while also seeing the label establish itself in another city. Alongside his studies and work for the label, Liam’s little remaining time goes toward producing ‘back-room tech-house groovers’ under a soon to be released alias.
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