Lady Starlight (US)

Fans of Lady Gaga will know Lady Starlight as the opening performer for the last three Lady Gaga tours, including the acclaimed 2014 ArtRave tour whose UK shows sold out within minutes of being announced. As a long-standing friend of Lady Gaga’s, Lady Starlight saw the tours not as a quick cash-in opportunity, but as a real chance to preach the gospel of techno to the unconverted; bringing it to a fresh audience who may not have found it otherwise. This enthusiasm for bringing essential information to new audiences has led her to spotlight the qualities of intensity and emotiveness that electronic dance music shares in common with the cultures of heavy metal and progressive rock – something which places her in the very limited company of genre-bending DJs like Regis or Russell Haswell. While this cultural cachet would be enough to give most individuals a lifetime’s worth of bragging rights, she still has her roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of techno. She has had her activities closely followed by major scene journals like DJ Times and Electronic Beats, and has had successful engagements at the scene’s most prestigious events: The 2017 CTM Festival at Berghain, Krakow’s Unsound Festival, appearances at the Boiler Room and much more. For three years now, she has also been involved in a live collaboration with renowned DJ / producer Anthony Child a.k.a. Surgeon, whom she struck up a friendship with after he was witness to one of the aforementioned ArtRave ‘shout out’ sessions in Birmingham. Having already provided live performance art for the British Murder Boys – the take-no-prisoners, sharp-edged duo of Surgeon and Regis – she now turns her attention towards a more explicitly musical partnership. She has also collaborated with Perc Trax mainstay Truss on a hybrid ‘decks & hardware’ live show, with Truss doing the DJing in a kind of role reversal between the performers. Another bold step forward is about to take place as she releases her debut record for Stroboscopic Artefacts, Lucy’s sophisticated outlet for electronic music and art.
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