L-Vis 1990 (GB)

As L-Vis 1990, James Connolly has been releasing a singular brand of club music free of rules and genres since dropping his eponymous debut EP in 2008. Try putting into words the music on his and Bok Bok’s inimitable Night Slugs label or any of his tracks and remixes over the past few years and it should quickly become apparent that L-Vis 1990 has been doing things just a little bit differently. James grew up in Brighton, UK, where during his teenage years he began to DJ, produce and promote club nights. He co-founded the Fallout night, while picking up gigs across the city and experimenting with music production software. The booking of NYC producer Drop The Lime for another of his club nights, So Loud!, would prove to be an epiphanic moment, in that it reconnected James with a love for bass music, inspiring him to write his standout first release, the L-Vis 1990 EP. As though setting in motion a domino effect, the track “Change The Game” from that release piqued the interest of Alex Sushon, AKA Bok Bok, who got in contact with James, thus beginning an enduring creative relationship that would indeed change the game. They invented Night Slugs together. The first party went down in March 2008 at Camberwell’s Redstar, and went on to take up primary residence at East Village . As Night Slugs began to properly establish itself in 2010, with the launch as a label and quickly being spoken of in terms of ‘label of the year’, James established himself also as a producer. James released his debut album, Neon Dreams, through PMR Records. Using exclusively hardware (Roland’s 707 drum machine features on every track). Neon Dreams brings 15 years’ worth of musical influences to bear, while shifting into focus the love of classic house music that has transcended all of James’s output to date. Whether producing by himself or with collaborators; operating one of electronic music’s finest labels; scoring documentaries, fashion shows and hybrid operas; or DJing gigs across the globe, L-Vis 1990 continues to leave an indelible mark in the ever-changing world of electronic dance music. On his first release, he set out to “Change the Game.” He’s already done that – and he’s just getting started.
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