Kishano (NL)

Vittorio Alfarez aka Kishano is a young up and coming urban dj from Amsterdam. He grew up listening to his father spinning disco vinyl’s and hosting his own radio show. From a young age Kishano loved the art of mixing tracks and make people dance. In high school he got the chance to show his skills and made use of the popular school parties where he performed the whole night. Kishano couldn’t find his way in the club scene due to other obligations that resulted in him stopping as a dj. 5 years later he found new motivation to get back in the scene. Kishano and his brothers visited a club named No.129 frequently because his sister-in-law worked there. Here he came in contact with the manager and other dj’s who where very interested to see how his skills where. He was given a few gigs to start up and here is where his career as a dj started to breath new life. After 1,5 years working as a resident at club No.129 in Amsterdam, Kishano grew to a higher level. At present he as gigs every week in the best venues of Amsterdam. A few clubs he performed at are: Escape, Club Nova, John Doe, Van Dyckbar, Club Abe, Candela and Club Rex. Kishano has a unique style of combining urban related styles and make them his own. Being unique in his mixes and surprising the crowd with the right timing and song makes Kishano a one of a kind Dj.
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