Kamara (NL)

From their first forays into making music under various guises, Kamara were formed in 2010 and have been steadily building their way up through the echelons of the electronic underground. Last 2 years they played 25+ shows all over China and created an incredible buzz in the Chinese electronic underground techno scene. This past year the guys have unleashed material on A-list labels such Tronic Music, Sudbeat, Bush, Voltage Musique Records, BluFin, Agile Records, Natura Viva and Proton, picking up remixes along the way from legendary artists such as Carl Cox, Oliver Lieb, Tom Hades, Daniel Nitsch / The Glitz. Of course records on these kinds of labels don’t go unnoticed. Their material has been played and championed by a wide range of their peer artists such as Nicole Moudaber, Christian Smith, Sian, Sasha, Technasia and Laurent Garnier, proving that labels and DJ’s alike are buying into the Kamara sound. Their sound palette is wide ranging within the techno sphere. From heavy repetitive techno with ethnic undertones, to a more melodic yet driving tech house sound, their musical path comes from the inspiration they get from the many different musical cultures they incorporate into their tracks. These worldly influences are distinctively heard in their sets, which are underpinned by the universal sound of electronic music. And because life isn’t all about making and playing music Kamara also invest a lot of time into their successful party Metamorphosa. This party create a space where the musical identity of Kamara gets a wider exposure and it offers a great opportunity to collaborate and perform with other artists. Performances have been made at other leading events around the globe too, with festival and club appearances at Fusion Festival (DE) , Midi Festival (CN), Kommt Zusammen (DE), Ying Yang (Great Wall, China) Free Your Mind Festival (NL), Lantern (CH), Panama (NL) and The Mansion (CH). Kamara have put themselves on a fast track to success with the right balance of hard work and talent. With more material getting interest from established labels, and the foundations they have already put down at Tronic, Bush and Sudbeat, you know Kamara are an act you will be hearing a lot more from. 成⽴立于2010年的卡⻢马拉(kamara)来⾃自荷兰-阿纳姆,他们是可以 让所有在场的观众疯狂的现场电⼦子⾳音乐DJ。Kamara的⾝身份不仅只 是制作⼈人与DJ,同时也是荷兰阿纳姆知名俱乐部:Adumu和 Metamorphosa的活动主办⽅方。 在过去的⼏几年内,他们曾于许多⼤大唱⽚片公司合作,例如: Tronic Music, Agile Records, Sudbeat, Bush, Natura Viva, Bulletdodge Records, Global Undergroun以及 Proton。以及⼀一些传奇艺术家的 混⾳音作品例如:Carl Cox, Oliver Lieb, Tom Hades, Daniel Nitsch / The Glitz。 Kamara从许多不同世界的⾳音乐⽂文化中得到灵感并融⼊入到他们⾃自⼰己的 ⾳音乐中,你点开他们专辑的时候你可以清楚的感受到这种世界性的 影响与融合。在欧洲kamara不仅活跃于各⼤大知名演出场地也登上许 多⼤大型⾳音乐节例如德国的Fusion,Kommt Zusammen⾳音乐节, 荷兰 知名的Free Your Mind Festival。Kamara也受邀参与了中国的迷笛 ⾳音乐节 ,“阴阳”⾳音乐节,以及中国各城市的巡回演出。
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