Jessica Ibgui (FR)

Speaker (Warm Music)

In 2007, Jessica pulled out of her label activities to focus on publishing, syncs & licensing, and little by little she became a notorious sync agent specializing in the US market. At that time, she was the only Frenchie who had access to this fantastic market, prospecting and concluding syncs deals for Wagram, Atmospheriques, Native Tongue, Remark, Volvox, Roy Music, Dreyfus (when it was an independent label), Sober&Gentle, Ascot Music…. And for some artists such as Wax Tailor, Brigitte, Kool Keith, Yeti Beats, Hocus Pocus…

Warm Music/Big Green Bamboo publishing still exists as music publishing company, and as music supervision, licensing, consulting and sync agency. Since 2016, Jessica signed the exclusive international sync representation for Gilberto Gil repertoire.

In Parallel, on October 2012, she was hired by Budde Music France to build and develop its emerging creative department, holding the title of Senior Marketing, Sync & Licensing Manager. Up to this date, she was involved in recruiting artists ranging from contemporary electronic music: Thylacine, La Mverte, Dat Politics, Maestro, chanson française with Jean Elliott Senior, World music act Gasandji, multi-instrumentalist David Shaw (Siskid, David Shaw and the Beat, DBFC, Cardini&Shaw), the very classy urban music band A State of Mind, the new electronic young poet just landed from the stars, Astre, and recently the wonderful electro pop band Telepopmusik.

She is also responsible for securing countless sync opportunities and finalizing deals in advertising (Garnier, Selectour Afat, Affelelou, Gemay, Allianz, Clarins, Caprice des Dieux, KFC, Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Nivea, etc…), films ( Blood Ties, Pas son genre, Le Beau Monde, Les Gamins, Tokyo Fiancée, BIS, la famille Bélier, Une nouvelle amie, Escobar: Paradise Lost, Les Chevaliers Blancs, Nos Femmes, Rock N’Roll, Dalida, le send de la fête, larguée, Love Addict, Mektoub: my love…), as well as video games (Let’s Sing, The Voice…) and syncs for web, teasers, tv shows, trailers, art exhibitions, fashion shows, theater pieces, …

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