Jason Fulton (GB)

Speaker (This Memento)

London-born Jason Fulton is the founder of This Memento, a people-centric insights and strategy agency based in Amsterdam. He wants to create closer relationships, with lasting memories between people and brands through experiences and product. Over the last 11 years his company has done this with insight projects and workshops with global brands such as Nike, Converse, Sonos, Rihanna’s FENTY brand, Huawei and Carhartt Workwear. Before starting the agency, he worked as a 3D designer, did sales and marketing for Diesel UK and was the Consumer Culture and Innovation director at Nike EMEA.
Jason believes in diversity as a true strength. He works hard to shift the paradigm in his own field of expertise and beyond, by sharing different voices within the global brands and organisations that he works with, and by mentoring and inspiring the younger generation.

He believes passionately in making this positive change - as someone who has almost always been the only minority;
As a strategist, researcher, moderator and workshop facilitator.
In senior management in a position of influence, inside a brand 
team and marketing team.
In a client management and steering committee team. 

And in the Netherlands at least, one of the few black businessman in the field of insight and strategy

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