Jacob Groening (DE)


Jacob Groening infuses organic sounds with electronic
elements. Its a well thought cocktail of various cultural
influences that are blend into warm synthesized
sounds combined with pulsating powerful beats. His
unique productions never sound the same and are
always a refreshing surprise. Things keep shifting and
fusing but still there is this gentle touch to bring some
variation to the composition, and let it be sweet driving
or surprising subtle. This new genre of music that he
created is named organic dance music.

He is as well the Founder of the exceptional Label
Kamai Music which is known for its successful releases
which are constantly supported by the top Acts of
todays music Industry.

His Live-Set and unique Hybrid DJ Sets have been
acclaimed in a variety of destinations and constantly
send him on various trips abroad.

His professional but playful approach to music was
picked up by labels such as Bar 25, 3000 Grad,
Gardens of Babylon, Steyoyoke and Kamai Music

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