Hestum (NL)


Hestum, a young maestro of the turntables, is an emerging star in the all-encompassing house music scene at the age of 22. His story began as a blend of youthful passion, boundless energy, and a deep love for both parties and music.

One day, when he was just a teenager, Hestum discovered his love for electronic beats at a local party. It was love at first sound - the pulsating rhythms, the undulating basslines, and the unique atmosphere of the dance floor left an indelible impression. He knew he wanted to be a part of this.

With determination and an insatiable thirst for learning, DJ Hestum began his journey. He devoured books on music production, practiced for hours with his turntables, and learned the art of mixing and remixing. His sets quickly became known in the local scene, where he built a loyal following.

As the years passed, DJ Hestum began to catch the attention of club promoters and festival organizers. His all-encompassing house music style was a perfect match for partygoers of all ages. Every weekend, he brought the dance floor to life with his eclectic selection of beats, and his sets were like a journey through the history of house music, from classics to the latest hits.

But DJ Hestum wasn't just an artist on stage; he was also an active raver. He understood the essence of nightlife and the community that revolved around it like no other. He relished every moment of partying with his fans, sharing stories and experiences that made them even closer.

At the age of 22, DJ Hestum is only at the beginning of his musical journey. He knows that many more adventures and parties await him, and he is determined to conquer the world with his music.

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