Gallowstreet Brass Band (NL)

Hailing from the Galgenstraat in Amsterdam ("Gallowstreet" in English) they come forth to trap, ensnare and deliver the hardest-hitting brass noise you've never heard before. Inspired by vibrant Amsterdam nightlife the boys from the Gallowstreet take their cues from DJs and producers to develop a new approach to live music. Their translation of famous house, trap and hip-hop tracks works magic on every crowd. Their cover of TNGHT's Higher Ground is a perfect example of this feat. Fan videos of this cover have racked up over six thousand views on YouTube. Gallowstreet’s solid live reputation earned them a spot on Pitch Festival 2013 (electronic music festival) and Eurosonic Noorderslag (Europe’s premier tastemaker showcase) in 2014, along with many other festivals and stages over summer 2014, which saw the band criss-crossing the country to play for eager fans. Now fans will be able to own the music with the release of Gallowstreet’s self-titled debut EP, available since October last year. Gallowstreet eargerly looks toward what the future might hold as they continue to perfect the newest and freshest brass beats to ensure their place on a festival or club somewhere in your vicinity!
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