Filip Chlipalski (NL)

Artist & Speaker

Filip Chlipalski is a multidimensional co-creator working with sound & music to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

Under his alias Deep Filip he explores the niches of the electronic music scene.
In his productions, sound-design and DJ sets he conveys the limitless opportunities of creative expression.

To Filip music & sound is a universal language. Living life by co-creating, sharing experiences with others, striving to become a better person every day and having fun, motivates and inspires him to move forward.

With a healthy balance of joy and laughter he approaches challenges in life as learning experiences. Experiences, which he loves to convey through audio, video, writing and having soul-expanding interactions with others.

With a commitment to learn and become a better person every day, he wishes to reflect to others the endless possibilities for growth, fun and creation as a human being.

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