DJ Crash ()

Dj Crash is talented artist from Bogota, Colombia Dj & Producer in the House music, innovative and outstanding within the electronic music. Genres like rock, pop dance and 90's led to his taste in music. In 1999 he began his career as a DJ under the influence of sound House. Artists such as Harry choo choo romero, Ralphi Rosario, Rick Garcia, Angel Alanis, Bassement jaxx, Moby were those who inspi ...red him in his dj sets. Dj CRASH, since its inception has been linked in the development of national rumba and rave culture. His experience as a dj brings new vision and musical development, ranging from house, Tech-House to techno and new trends. His dj sets are characterized by communicating a total harmony between his music and his assistants. Their live shows are different in their dj sets of exquisite music that convey a lot of joy and connection to the public. his DJ sets are different and very personal laden sounds groovy, funky and Tech.
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