DIGGA is a Hamburg born DJ talent who is, literally, living on the road since graduating from High School in 2010. Born and raised in Germany then moving to the UK for a year, studying and working in The Netherlands since 3 years and going on exchange to Barcelona definitely sharpened his perception of different styles of Techno and House music. He tries to comprise all different influences in his DJ sets. Already very early he developed a distinct love for electronic music. Growing up in close proximity to the infamous red light district of St. Pauli, Hamburg has definitely shaped his music taste from the very beginning. Being exposed to numerous top class venues like the Baalsaal, former Ego (Diynamic Resident Club) and Übel und Gefährlich, only to name a few, paved the way to becoming a contemporary music lover. The decision to be more than just a passive consumer came already in 2010. After finishing High School, he decided to work in England for a year. The latter has definitely influenced the shift in taste from classic German techno to “English influenced melodious bassy house music”, as he calls it. After returning from England in 2011, with all new influences in mind, he and some of his closest friends conceived the open-air party “Klammheimlich”. This concept offered artist, like the Hamburg born talents like David August, MVDL, Momo and many more a platform to play at outdoor raves, even in winter times. The concept proved successful, which lead to the decision to make it an all-year event. In summer 2012, he and his close friend Laurids van der Lancken also organized the concept party “0815”. Due to a lack of DJs, Leon decided to back-up the DJs and consequently his passion for dj-ing was born. Finally moving to The Hague, The Netherlands, has set the ball rolling and boosted his ambitions. New friends Zamba Jan Bakana and Mithras Cabolet, better known as “Distûrbe” have encouraged him not only to play at house parties but also in front of a bigger audience. Together, Leon, Distûrbe and their big friend network from all over The Netherlands and Germany, created the music event “Kollektiv”, which has the outspoken aim to offer a platform to young talented DJs and make The Netherlands, especially The Hague, a brand name for quality Techno and House music. Kollektiv has become more than just a hobby for him. He plays a crucial role as one of the founding fathers of the related Kollektiv Records music label that just released its first EP called Synapse by resident Sacha Harland. The outlook for 2015 could not be any better. Next to being one of the founders and manager of Kollektiv Events and Kollektiv Records Leon aka DIGGA has already the first festival booking in the pocket and equally making his debut in Berlin at GeteiltGleichMal Festival this year.
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