"DE FEO" is a young Italian DJ/Producer. Upon completion of his 10-year classical music studies in the class of piano, he becomes closer to electronic music and to the world of underground, particularly to the Techno music in all of its possible forms. In 2014 he has his first official release, in the same year 2014 he started his rise in the world of the club with a showcase in Rome. In March 2016 founded the independent label Society Music Recordings. In these years he works in consoles with many international artists, in 2016 for the first time he has participated with his label to the “ADE Amsterdam Dance Event “ where he returns every year. In February of 2017 he has returned to Amsterdam to play for the US radio Global Mixx again at the Westrunie. Since then the Global Mixx has supported DEFEO with the publicising in Colombia of his shoxmixes. In July 2017 he was selected by Jägermeister to be part of a 10 dj / producer team to be sent to Berlin for 10 days to live in bread and music! Great musical events to which she participated both as a workshop and as a party! This experience has been talked about by the industry's leading newspapers such as DjMag and RollingStone! He is now part of the 10 young talents of Italian electronic music! On October 21st, as usual, he was present at Amsterdam for the ADE, the Amsterdam Dance Event with a showcase of his label in a underground club in the historic heart of the magical city. August 2018 launches his first party format: "NAFTER" with which he will base his idea of party; a mix of sounds, art and experiences! "Anything not depressive"! will debut at the Amsterdam Dance Event of the same year! We'll see some beautiful around Europe! DE FEO is a more than a dj! - www.nafter.it - www.giovannidefeoartist.com
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