Br-e (NL)

Br-e, real name Barry Heimerikx, was born in Bussum, Netherlands in 1971. Indulged in his passion for music from a young age. While he was growing up with a grand father that played instruments in a band, he also listened to his mothers music who was working for a radio station. At the age of 14, Br-e started playing Funk, HipHop and Disco at a local radio station, he knew that this was what he was destined to do! From radio it was just a small step to start playing at school- and birthday-parties, and when a fellow DJ asked him to take over his residency at a small club he didn't hesitate for a second.Then 1986, the summer of love... A new sound... Love at the first tones, and slowly but surely Br-e moved away from his comfort zone and more into house. After playing several years at clubs in his hometown, duty called and life moved on... But old habits never die. The blood kept crawling and while friends and relatives asked him why he did ever decided to quit, he picked the headphones again. But, as an old school vinyl junkie, CD's just didn't feel right and while today's music is almost only being made and distributed on electronic media, this called for an all digital solution! Not long after that he met Nova Caza, who showed him today’s possibilities to work in an all-digital set-up, and instantly he knew what to do. Deep, Tech and Techno deserve to be played in a creative setting, and that’s what his (now beloved) 4Midiloop makes possible. But it didn’t end there, Nova Caza invited him to come play at the infamous vet! Parties, at which he is now one of the residents. From there other promoters recognized his skills and sounds and so he’s now regularly seen at parties as Openminded People, Crazyland, Oosterliefde, 420Sundaze, Chicken Skin and recently at the 5Up Night at KM5 on Ibiza!
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