Bevan (GB)


Bevan’s DJ sets, rather than follow trends, are always a direct reflection of his current musical rotation built around constantly searching for records and picking up new lifelong favourite salong the way.

You can be sure that his record bag centres around vocal-led garage house sounds from the US in the early 90’s, along with choice boogie and soul cuts that preceded it.

Memorable hooks, deep basslines and euphoric chords are what makes him tick and are always ever-present in his mixes.

Born in London, currently living in Utrecht after studying a Masters degree in Musicology, Bevan is now
working at Rush Hour Records in Amsterdam.

He dives deep into the discographies of his favourite
producers and record labels, trying to find links between genres both sonically and historically.
Having held down radio shows on stations such as Balamii in London whilst in the UK and Operator,
Stranded FM, TNP and Maxi Radio during his time in the Netherlands, he always aims to experiment with
something new in his sound palette.

After racking up nearly 50 hours in radio studios, he is starting to
find his rhythm in clubs, having recently supported Jeremy Underground at Phonox in London.
Never wanting to settle in one genre, Bevan’s club sets consist of modern soul, disco, boogie and house
in all its varying forms. Equally comfortable opening the room up and setting the tone just right for the
night ahead, as he is closing it down with a set as animated and energised as he always is behind the

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