Yuri Dokter (NL)

Speaker (DJ Monitor)

Yuri Dokter has worked in music since 1988 ranging from an artist signed by international labels and publishers, Running a Recording Studio, multiple Record Labels and Music Publishing Funds.

In 2005, Mr. Dokter founded DJ Monitor, which specializes in monitoring live music performances through our own algorithms, database and hardware, effectively pioneering club- & festival monitoring around the globe. In 2022 AlphaTheta Company (PioneerDJ) acquired a strategic stake in DJ Monitor to jointly develop new technologies, products and services.

Clients and partners include CMO's such as BUMA, SENA, PRS for Music, PPL, SACEM, ASCAP, SABAM, APRA, GRAMEX, Licensees such as Tomorrowland, Parookaville, i:Motion, NTIA, VVEM and DSPs and Media such as Billboard, Twitch and Pioneer DJ.

Spanning the world, mr. Dokter consults on Music Rights Monitoring & Technology through DJ Monitor and as a co-chairperson of the CMO Workgroup for Association of Electronic Music, by providing solutions to ensure fair and transparent tariffs and distribution.

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