Xav!er J (US)

XAV!ER J. - Berlin ( from N.Y.C. ) Lives in the discolazer world of DJing /Producing / Performing electronic music . As a pup he was lucky enough to be involved with last days of the legendary limelight klubkid scene . Later he started performing and Djing for NYC Club icons Larry T. , Kenny Kenny , Jackie Factory Mann Parish at nyc biggest venues .Since relocating to Berlin a few years ago he has been Djing and performing all over berlin including such hot spots as the Connection Club and House of Shame . He has also been touring with Ableton around europe as a certified trainer . He has help train many musicians including the rock band Blondie where he helped set up Ableton live for use in their tour . Xavier J . has many releases on beatport with the techno / electro project “Transhuman”
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