William Köster (NL)

This Arnhem born and based DJ bought his first vinyl at the Dance Drugstore in Arnhem and has been looking to perfect his sound, technique and setup ever since. Labels like Igloo records, Harry Klein, Dumb Unit and Esperanza find their way to his turntables. The dark depressants sounds got noticed and William Köster got his first residency at the Club Purple in Arnhem. Playing next to inspiring artists Olene Kadar, From Karaoke to Stardom, Elon and Marcus Meinhardt he builds a way to show what his techno sound is all about. Last year he has had playtime in clubs like Jacobiberg Arnhem, Studio 80 Amsterdam and festivals such as Taurine Outdoor and Smeerboel festival. Upcoming are gigs at Doornroosje Nijmegen, Monza Utrecht and Poema Utrecht. With his New Dutch School collective he can be held responsibly for numerous raves on undisclosed places throughout the Netherlands. Freedom in every aspect is the vibe they are seeking to create.
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