Victor Riparbelli ()

Speaker (Synthesia)

Victor Riparbelli is the CEO and Co-Founder of Synthesia, the world’s leading AI video generation platform.

The company’s mission is to make video easy for anyone, and it does just that by utilizing AI. Replacing cameras, actors and microphones with code makes it possible to create studio quality videos from a browser, and the intuitive tool is already being used by 10.000 companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500.

He’s been involved in technology entrepreneurship for the past 10 years and co-founded Synthesia in 2017 together with Prof. Matthias Niessner, Prof. Lourdes Agapito and Steffen Tjerrild. Today, Synthesia have five offices around the world and have raised $66.6m from investors like Kleiner Perkins, Google and Mark Cuban.

Combining technical, academic and entrepreneurial excellence, Riparbelli and his team are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible using AI, while striving to pioneer the field in an ethical and responsible way.

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