Veytik (US)


Veytik, a former combat engineer turned audio engineer, producer, and DJ, creates music that embraces the duality of light and darkness. His sound is constantly evolving across a range of moods, shaped by his own growth and response to world events.

As a producer for ten years, Veytik has relentlessly pursued his passion for music, connecting with others on a path of musical therapy. The resulting sound is often haunting and thought-provoking, resonating with a depth and pain that the artist has come to embrace.

Veytik’s music is influenced by a variety of styles, from ’80s disco and synth-infused horror soundtracks to ecstatic trance and deep, melodic, and organic house sounds. He has been featured on several labels such as Solarsystem Records, Cafe De Anatolia, Click Records, Manual Music, House Music With Love, Where The Shadow Ends, YION, Shango Records, Re: Sound Music, Baikal Nomads, Camel Riders, Harabe, kosa, Polyptych, Circle of Life and his own imprint, Art Vibes.

Like the moon and its far side, Veytik acknowledges that denying our darkness is to deny that which makes us whole. He incorporates it into his music, creating a sound that resonates with listeners worldwide.

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