Vato Gonzalez (NL)

Artist & Speaker
Born and raised in Spijkenisse, a small town generally hidden from sight by the thick smog of Rotterdam’s industrial zone, Vato Gonzalez spent most of his teenage days hanging around the block, messing up his eardrums by listening to UK garage, hip hop and dance hall. He used his college years to discover whether or not he wanted to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or become a world famous graphic designer like Paul Rand. In the end, he decided on ‘none of the above’, but not before he put his acquired knowledge to good use with slightly evil intentions. Tapping into the university’s student database, he started promoting his own party, which quickly turned into one of the most popular student nights out. These days, he is still a part-time software engineer and designs all the artwork for his own events, in between gigs and studio time.
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