TR20 (GB)

Once, in a land where the tide beat its rhythms out onto a rocky Cornish shore, there were two young boys who wanted more than anything to make people dance. Every Friday, after the school bell had rung, they set out with their record bags slung over their boyish shoulders. Together they hunted out caves, raves and illegal happenings. Here they made new friends with long hair, wide eyes and expansive minds. As the rumble of the techno and the rush of the ocean roared in their hearts, the two friends span their vinyl in the mud and firelight, and foraged in the dawn for wisdom, experience, blims and mushrooms. And when these briny nights were over, the two hugged out their brotherly love and crashed out in a tangled dream where bass drunk pirates danced in their heads, and myths of old whispered through their dance-music induced reverie. Boys become lads, lads become youths, youths become men. These men grew beards and marauded around the worlds various coastlines, lands and Kingdoms, weighing anchor in bays of breaks, beats and bass and traded melodies and herbs with the natives. After a long spell at sea they returned to more familiar shores and found a 4/4 scene that was refreshed and rejuvenated. The good ship KYUBU was launched in 2014, navigating through a sea of mediocrity with TR20 at the helm, recruiting a crew of old sea-dogs and young buccaneers, its mission to spread sabre sharp sounds and treasures of pleasure to the world. KYUBU has been delivering booty, liberating beats ever since. When she rolls into port, no one can resist the urge to dance. As homespun grooves unravel into epic nights beneath the stars, all who step aboard are compelled to move their feet, as KYUBU and the boys dance over the horizon, destined for strange new shores.
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