The Heykids DJs (NL)

Since their first musical encounter in 2007, the colourful and seductive textures of housemusic have exerted an ever increasing pull on them, honing their ears and driving their mutant house acrobatics to the forefront of the Amsterdam scene. Today the name of the game is house and in Amsterdam, The Heykids are in a league of their own with an intense and versatile take on this most universal genre of dancemusic. Besides this, they're the ever-charming hosts and creators of the by now infamous 'Midweek Mayhem' of Katapult, which bring out the hipsters, hustlers and hobo's of Amsterdam every Wednesday at Studio 80. Inspired by loads of experience behind the decks, these guys know exactly what they want to play out for a crowd and are in their brand new studio creating just that sound, expecting to start releasing in a matter of months. Ahead of that, the past year has seen The Heykids go international with gigs that rocked Berlin, Zurich, Lisbon, Vienna, London and Stockholm playing such signature venues as Hive, Paradiso, Lux, Trouw, Berns and XOYO - confirming them as members of the new group of defining artists for the continent.
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