Stoac (NL)


Stoac is the musical project of Daan de Weger, Amsterdam-based DJ and
producer. Influenced by years of performing on the drums, groove is key
in his productions. Through the right combination of soundscapes and
musical ideas, he puts forward a sound that pierces through on the dancefloor. His latest EP on the melodic techno label
Infinite Depth, and notably one of his first releases, got strong support from Tale of Us, Mind Against, Innellea, Massano, Oliver Weiter and more. Winning the DJ contest of Festival De Achtertuin, he earned a spot to perform on a lineup that in 2022 featured Afterlife artists as Colyn, VNTM and Beswerda. With his DJ career lifting off and new releases on their way, this talent is one to keep your eye on.

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