Steo Le Panda (FR)

Artist & Speaker
Electronic music with exotic sounds. Steo Le Panda brings together sounds of unusual instruments like the guzheng, pan flute, or bamboo drums with the synths and drum machines of electronic music. This very yin-yang mix mirrors the wild animal he has chosen as totem: at the same time black and white, cute and wild, happy and melancholic... But producing music is only the beginning, the real deal is to see the true nature of the panda and that only happens when Steo plays live with 4 Ableton iPads! Thanks to his total control over the different elements of his music, Steo Le Panda delivers unique and original experiences, full of emotions and surprises! 带有异域风情的电子音乐。 Steo Le Panda将古筝,笙等乐器的音素与电子音乐相结合。 这种多元素的阴阳结合让你想到了大熊猫:黑白兼备,野性而又温顺,乐观却又忧愁...... Steo Le Panda 对音乐多种元素都掌握自如, Steo Le Panda 保证他的音乐会让你有完美的体验,音乐会充满激情与惊喜。
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