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Christopher Stapelmann, also known as Stap, is a 34-year old German DJ and house music producer currently based in Düsseldorf. He bought his first Turntables at the age of 15 and has been a DJ for Hip Hop and RnB in Various Clubs in North Rhine Westphalia since 2009. However, things changed when he visited his first Rave in 2014. Amazed by this "new kind" of music and the overall energy, he knew he had to set a different direction as a DJ and also initiate a path as a producer. In the following months he started producing and experimenting for himself and friends. Taking his time by having a high music quality standard through his past as a DJ, his first Single "Detox" was released on Silq Music 2021. Furthermore, he played several gigs in Düsseldorf and was also one of the first DJs for XLR8, playing at the very first parties. Due to the event´s success, he immediately was offered a residency at XLR8. Influenced by Hip Hop and RnB from an early age on, it is self-evident that he likes sampling techniques, groovy drums and organic sounds in his music. Nevertheless, House and Techno also influenced him profoundly with it´s deep and driving synth lines, spheric atmospheres and - last but not least – hard hitting drums.

„For me, the challenge is to create something in between the lines“

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