SIROJ (Joris Titawano) was born on the 11th of October, 1987 in Assen. As a child, Joris grew up in a music-rich environment and quickly engaged himself into taking piano lessons at the age of seven. Willing to learn and anxious to improve, he immersed himself in it and suffice it to say, he loved music immediately. During his teens, this love for music and the ‘creation thereof’ focused, and with hip-hop at its nucleus, he soon started producing beats at age 14. As with the piano, it did not take long for him to learn or understand the mechanics behind a proper production, as he started making beats for vocalists in less than a year. But this talent and natural ability was only surpassed by his relentless work ethic behind the keys and drum machines. Not before long, SIROJ was producing songs for the who’s who in the Dutch hip-hop industry, such as Dio, Sef, Gers Pardoel, Jiggy Dje and Kraantje Pappie. And while heads were turning in the direction of this talented young man, he finished his first producer album Goed Ontmoet under the first ever joint venture between the two major hip-hop labels Top-Notch and Noah’s Ark. Joris had just made history and did not intend to stop as he expanded his résumé by composing the entire score for the critically acclaimed and international award winning movie Rabat, as well as the 48 Hour Film Project and international film festival winning short movie Page 23. Composing sounds to accompany moving images seems to come as easy to him as does composing sounds to accompany individuals. So while occasionally arranging and producing tunes for several television commercials, he not only recently finished his own Supreme EP, but also produced Dio’s entire Benjamin Braaf’s Festival album. Despite his busy life as a musician, producer and sound composer, Joris also finds the time to work night shifts as a DJ and holds three residencies at BAWS in Club Air, BBQ at the Bitterzoet and his own night called Take Over at Ludwig. SIROJ has found the perfect balance between Dj’ing and producing and as a result of this balance he also managed to create his own sound, he likes to call SLOP. It’s a sound that’s influenced by House and Hip Hop and moves just between the two genres. Next to the DJ sets Joris added a little extra to his repertoire by doing live sets as well. With his first ‘Glow’ EP featuring his SLOP sound out on Pitched up, Sony (UK) it seems that SIROJ is ready to push things forward!
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