Sara Dziri (BE)

Artist & Speaker

DJ, music composer, producer, and performer. Sara Dziri is a versatile artist who keeps adding strings to her bow. Born in Antwerp to a Belgian mother and Tunisian father, Sara uses music as more than a means of expression. The apprenticeship of music quickly became an opportunity to overcome the distance and differences between her two cultures: Belgian and Tunisian. It is also her way of building bridges between people and making them feel like they belong.

The multifaceted identity helped Sara navigate the music industry and establish herself as a pillar of Brussels’ electronic underground in just a few years. 2022 is a key year with a performance composition for Belgian-Moroccan dancer/choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, DJ-residency at Brussels Fuse club, and the release of her debut album ‘Close To Home’ (Optimo Music). The album resulted in a very personal and emotional long-player. Together with Italian soloist Valentina Bellanova, who provided classic Arabic and Turkish Ney on the record, Sara created a signature live show. This live show also got a sidespin tailored for the club.

Sara Dziri is also very active in Brussels nightlife with her intersectional platform Not Your Techno; prioritising female, queer and POC artists.

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