Roemer Wildschut (NL)

Speaker (A&R Manager, Revealed Recordings/Gemstone Records)

Roemer Wildschut (@roemerhasit) is one of the young key figures in the dance industry, currently A&R manager at Revealed Recordings. He first stepped into the scene over a decade ago. He began his journey at the 'Herman Brood Academie' graduating as a 'Dance Producer’. Just by coincidence sharing the classroom with boys that later become artists like Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan, CMC$, SWACQ, Alpharock, The Voyagers and TØAK. His creative spirit spans various aliases and genres, not confined solely to dance music, releasing music with labels like Spinnin’ Records, Wall Recordings, STMPD Records and Mixmash to name a few. Roemer's significant impact on the industry became apparent during his 4.5-year tenure at Spinnin' Records (2018/2023), where he excelled as the global music promoter, working closely with the world's most prominent DJs. His strategic prowess not only earned Spinnin' Records the title of the most DJ-supported label worldwide for four consecutive years but also facilitated the development of an extensive network of industry connections. In 2023, Roemer's expertise found a new home as the main A&R Manager at Hardwell's esteemed imprint Revealed Recordings and Gemstone Records. This move was a natural evolution, given his extensive network and knowledge. Roemer stands out for his social finesse and straightforward approach, two ideal qualities in this industry filled with creatives. His journey continues to inspire, making him an respected and up and coming force in the ever-evolving landscape of dance music.

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