Richard Phillips (GB)

Speaker (Julie's Bicycle)

Richard joined Julie’s Bicycle in January 2022 as a Climate Change and Sustainability Specialist, applying his deep expertise of environmental action across multiple sectors to the challenges of the music industry. His projects span the live and recorded sides of the sector, working with festival and outdoor events networks, record label industry bodies and multinational music businesses. He recently supported the development of the Europe-wide Future Festival Tools, equipping events professionals with key skills to take meaningful action to reduce environmental impacts. Previously, Richard worked as a Sustainability Consultant delivering impactful projects in the areas of community investment, environment and sustainability strategy for multinational companies across a range of sectors. He has experience within the retail industry, focusing on emissions reduction in the supply chain through circular economy initiatives. Richard holds a degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge, where he specialised in climate science. Richard is motivated by the potential of the creative industries to inspire societal change.

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